mikey's bio

How to make a Mikey Mike:



Take equal parts of the following Pauls...

Kelly, Dempsey, Simon, McCartney 

A generous handful of New Zealand Finns and Flight of the Conchords 

A bunch of locally sourced indie rock

A sprinkle of 90's punk 

and a pinch of 80's pop to taste 



Blend songwriting and vocal styles of the key ingredients, simmer gently with one left handed Maton guitar over a constant beat.

Slowly bring to the boil with a Big Foot Yowie stomp, adding the pop, punk and rock elements to finish.

Add Rice (of the Damien variety) 

and don't forget the Greens (preferably Dallas if available)  

Enjoyed best served at sunset with friends accompanied by strong hopped ale or a glass of your favourite red.

Guitar Strings
A glass of wine